February 24, 2024

5 thoughts on “EXCLUSIVE: Effects Of COVID-19 Change Crime Alert’s Policy — Image Maker

  1. I must commend this noble organisation for their genuineness and sincerity to service and promise delivery.

    Please, the twelve weeks for me I think it’s too long. I understand the situation in the world now but things aren’t bad as it was some months back. An additional two weeks to the existing 6weeks prior the pandemic would have been a better deal rather than 12 while weeks. Haba, it’s quite long- most people would have suffocated before the due date.

    Please,I humbly implore the management to make a swift change in the duration for ROI. That decision is not encouraging at all. Invariably, what the company is giving out to her investors is just 10% monthly which is poor as compared to other genuine investment companies around.
    This is just my 2cent advise for the good of Crime Alert/ DHIL.

  2. I want to appeal that the recent increase from 6 weeks to 12 weeks be considered and reduced to 8 weeks or a maximum of 10 weeks. Thank you.

    1. Good Day Sirs/Mas

      Please note that; we have started payments for 13th March Last payment, 16th March First payment & 28th April First payment since last week Thursday but payment is yet to be completed
      Thank you. From DHIL/Crime Alert Security Network

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